The most evolved concept of all time is business, because it has taken evolution equivalent to cell. The later Stone Age period has started the concept of barter system to gain important product to the product they had with them in large quantity for an exchange. This idea created the chain of thoughts to fix value to the product, selling to the product in the area of need, transporting of goods, creating market place for the product to selling of goods through websites and internets now.  In the above said quote, Mr. Elon Musk talks about the importance of planning, organizing and delegating. Whenever there is a division of work or delegation of work a particular person is made responsible for the delegated task.

But in business, if a person takes up multi-level tasks, he needs to take control of all the managerial duties of an organization. So the duties involving multi-level has to be delivered at all levels, or else  the result will be of stale eggs for consumption and failing business in the hands of the business man.

So to avoid mishaps, An experienced one in business will strategize  enough to rope-in the best of the best technicians, professionals, experts, statisticians, designers to get the business going and divide eggs as to the level needs to avoid failure in business and have fresh egg at all seasons of time.

Thus a business need not only finance or plan to launch, but also an expert team to get the concept into a roaring success.

Elon Musk

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