Out Bound

Our BBS Corp Outbound representatives make calls to customers to follow up on or inquire about account issues. Outbound customer service involves phone calls made from your business to customers. It is also an integral part to service and account management. Verifying account details, confirming profile changes, updating customers on account terms or product recalls, and following up on recent purchases are among the common duties of an outbound representative. We make routine follow-up calls a certain number of days after purchase. A representative might call, for instance, to ask how the product has worked for the customer and whether there are any issues.


  • International services- Our BBS helps in procuring services for the international companies by acting as agent between the international company and Indian company in providing services in exchange of service to commission for services.
  • Domestic services- Our BBS helps two Indian companies in different states of India in getting service for their product.
  • Upselling- Renowned Marketing managers of BBS creates market for Upselling as the practice of encouraging customers to purchase a comparable higher-end product than the one in question.
  • Cross selling- Our BBS helps in cross-selling inviting customers to buy related or complimentary items
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