Getting the right people in the right positions and keeping them there is essential to organizational effectiveness.

Augmentation and Acquisition

BBS leaders have spent many years as Human Resource Practitioners in global corporates, national companies, and start-ups, we have experience in acquiring highly skilled talents in the technical and non-technical workforce. Staffing needs for organizations have become a hurdling challenge. Our engagement specialists have recognized that there is not a one size fits all approach to staffing. We have made it our goal to support organizations with the best of best talents. We do not stop with just the resource placements we empower our clients with current market trends, local and regional compensation rates, industry growth projections and strategies to retain the team that we help you build.

Talent Acquisition Service (TAS)

Modern Businesses today are striving to compete with their biggest competitors are the ones you compete with for talent. Today technology companies are in need of developing their own talent acquisition strategy with a laser-edge focus on measurable and sustainable results. At BBS TAAS all our consultants are experienced and have knowledge in all latest technologies.

Our Staff Augmentation Services (STAS)

Our leadership team has been in this industry since it began and has implemented hundreds of STAS solutions for companies of all sizes. Choosing Staffing Companies is like having an entire TAD (Talent Acquisition Department) group dedicated to all aspects of an organization’s recruitment process. BBS has been supporting many corporates develop a synergistic partnership with us that allows them to focus on their core business while trusting that an expert team is strategically engineering, streamlining, and executing your hiring program to produce high potential candidates that fit your company culture.

Boston Lifecycle

This process supports our client company from onboarding to exit from the system. Our TAAS team works directly with Human Resource leads or hiring managers while representing your employment brand and value proposition to candidates throughout the hiring process. Some companies choose to utilize our services for all hires or in some cases, particular regions or functional groups.

Boston Fusion

In this process, our BBS TAAS team would fuse along with the client managers and representatives in combating their hiring efforts. With this Fusion service from Boston will help our clients to manage grey hiring areas that may require additional help.

Boston Mission

Our Mission process was setup to deliver End-to-End hiring solutions for our clients. This process would give you a complete delivery plan with hiring deadlines with start date and stop date. This process is ideal for those companies who require resource support when starting a new work location or a new product launch or a new business expansion.

Boston Access

To access the front line resources BBS will stretch beyond the regular process outsourcing solutions to employee engagement, management, and other resource development activities.

Boston Assist

BBS Assist would be at your service with any level Human Service personnel. Many organizations would need that last-minute pressure in hiring fast with a limited budget, can use this service or if you are stuck with an appraisal process and you need a helping hand Boston Assist would give a assisting hand.

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