Web Analysis

Our team of DTS can show the details of the visitor, their duration of stay, their other website visit which enables the company to know the visitors’ behavior, their motive of the visit. Our team not only find the problem on the website but also the reason behind their leaving the website. Our team helps in finding the passing visitor into a potential customer through their conversion data, the reason behind their leaving through their feedback and their choice for their substitute website.

Web Auditing

Once a website is launched for a client, by our Digital transformation service provider, our team of SEO professionals is involved in making the client’s product enter in the list of most hitmakers. This website hit launches in most sought after page numbers, which gains product important.  When a website is seen declining in its performance, then the team of DTS enters with the solution to solve this technical mystery, which undergoes all the technical details of the problem-solving aspect. A simple switch of some code can earn companies tons of revenue. A real expert with actual hands-on experience will add-up invaluable inputs to the company and to the clients. The solution and the problem-solving aspects are acquired through a web audits.

A web audit takes place on 70 levels, this constant checking is based on SEO analysis, Domain overview, Pages, Meta content, images, link analysis, Mobile optimization, usability, technology, Meta description, Out links, Response time, Anchor text, Security, Seo- optimizer, Target keywords, HTML markup, SERP rankings.

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